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Weathering the Storm: Essential Tips and Strategies for Handling 2024’s Storm Season

The 2024 storm season is upon us. This means homeowners in our region are prone to severe weather conditions and should brace themselves for potential damages. Your home’s greatest defense against the elements is your roof, and as a result it’s also the most vulnerable component. This makes knowing what residential roofing services to use and emergency roof repair tasks to do important. To get you started, here are some essential tips and strategies to help your roof handle 2024’s storm season.

Inspect and Maintain Your Roof Regularly
Regularly inspect your roof for signs of wear and tear, and repair any damages promptly. Signs to look for are loose or missing shingles, damaged flashings, poor sealing, and other potential vulnerabilities. Addressing these issues before a storm hits will prevent larger problems from happening during the storm. If the damage is severe, then you’ll need to find an emergency roof repair company near you.

Your roof has many layers of protection, including the roof underlayment, the shingles, and the granules on those shingles. As a result, making sure your shingles are in their best condition is essential to making sure your roof can handle any storms. Check your shingles to see if they are: loose, curling, missing granules, and/or missing entirely. Finding a residential roofing contractor (like Roof Time!) to perform the needed shingle repairs and replacement is crucial.

Check Your Attic
When you inspect your roof for damages, don’t just focus on the outside of your roof. Be sure to take a look at the inside by heading into the attic. Signs to look for in the attic include:

  • Light Peaking Through: If you notice any light peaking through the roof and into your home then that is a vulnerable point for water infiltration. Even the smallest sight of light can cause major issues during a storm.
  • Rotting Wood: Wood that is rotting in your attic not only shows that water has entered your home, it also shows that the structure of your home may be compromised.
  • Mold and Mildew: This is another sign of water infiltration. Mold and mildew will also cause a bad odor and put you and your family at risk for health concerns. 

Trim Trees
When the wind picks up during a storm, it’s very common for branches and trees to break off or fall onto your home. To minimize the risks of this happening, you should trim any branches that are hanging over your roof or branches that are generally close to your home.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts
Your gutters and downspouts work together to redirect water from your roof and away from your home. If debris gets built up in them, then water will continue to collect on your roof and eventually seep through. Prevent this from happening by cleaning and unclogging your gutters and downspouts thoroughly.

Secure Loose Items
Any loose items around your home should be put away or securely attached to the ground. This includes patio furniture, play houses, trampolines, and more. High winds are strong enough to lift objects and fly them away. As bad as that already is, they can also fly into your home and damage it severely.

Review Your Insurance Policy
Take a look at your insurance policy and see what roof repair services or roof replacement services are covered. Understanding insurance and contacting them can be difficult and confusing. Luckily, as a dedicated roof company we also can also guide you through every step of the insurance claim process.

Make a Plan
If something unexpected happens during a storm you will start to feel overwhelmed and stumble trying to figure out what to do. Creating a plan for these events will help you handle them promptly. What you can do to create your plan is:

  • Take note of any emergency roof repair services and their contact information.
  • Prepare an emergency supply kit.
  • Locate nearby shelters and routes you can take to them.

Work with Professionals
The last tip is to work with professional residential roofing services. Working with a company that can do it all will make the task of preparing your roof for a storm season much easier. They can find potential weak points and address them immediately and provide you with any help as needed. In addition to this, they have experience with insurance and can guide you through the process.

Making all the right steps to prepare your home for this year’s storm season is important. As your roof is your home’s strongest shield against the elements, it is also the most vulnerable component during a storm. With these tips and strategies, you can feel confident that your roof can keep your property and your family safe during a storm.

Roof Time is here to help you weather the storm and get your roof prepared. We have over 22 years of experience and pride ourselves on providing you with personal service, so your roof gets exactly what it needs. 

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