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Don’t Ignore Your Roof!

Have you ever just ignored an issue or problem?  If you ignore it, it won’t happen to you right? Then suddenly the ignored problem turns into a complete headache or a very expensive nightmare!  If you’re a homeowner, there’s a good chance you’ve played the “ignore” game.  There are important areas of your home that you should not ignore, LIKE YOUR ROOF!

There are some logical reasons why homeowners may ignore their roof. Some reasons could be the costs involved, finding a good contractor, the uncertainty of the process and the overwhelming choices of shingles to choose from.  On the contrary, there are more logical reasons why NOT to ignore your roof.  Your roof literally protects your home from everything under the sun.  Protection from wind, severe weather, leaks into ceilings and walls, water damage and in some cases mold and mildew growth.

Here are some important visual signs that a roof may need to be replaced.  We strongly recommend homeowners call an experienced roofing contractor to conduct a roof inspection.  A good licensed contractor knows exactly what to look for and can walk homeowners through the entire process.

1.)    Missing Shingles.

2.)    Damaged Shingles that are curling, buckling, blistering or rotting.

3.)  Defective Shingles.

4.)  Algae Growth.

5.) Damaged Flashing.

A good contractor would even go above and beyond by further   inspecting the interior of the   home for possible damage.  Stop ignoring your roof.  Give a licensed roofing contractor a call   today!

If you live in the MN Twin Cities metro area, give Roof Time, Inc. a call today.  We would be happy to offer you a free roof inspection and guide you through the process.  Please visit or call us at 952-447-ROOF (763)