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Operations Manager


  • Earn a 6 FIGURE salary!

  • Clear Path To $250k supplemented by Performance Bonuses and Profit Sharing!


Are you an energetic and proactive individual who thrives on ensuring smooth operations? Do you excel in fast-paced environments where your drive and work ethic are valued? 

Roof Time, Inc. is searching for a dynamic Office Manager who embodies our values and culture. As our Office Manager, you’ll be instrumental in developing efficient processes that prioritize customer satisfaction. Your ability to set and achieve goals, coupled with a long-term commitment, will be pivotal in this role. We offer ample opportunities for advancement to individuals who demonstrate dedication and excellence. 

In addition to representing the company and aligning with our culture, you’ll play a key role in improving and defining processes, fostering a culture of healthy competition, and overseeing our sales staff’s activities. If you’re ready to embrace this challenge and contribute to our ongoing success, we invite you to join our team at Roof Time, Inc.


  • Extensive training and support

  • 401K Safe Harbor Plan with a 3% company match

  • Flexible schedule

  • Vacation and holiday pay

  • Paid time off

  • Monthly medical allowance

  • Company cell phone, Laptop

  • Company-branded apparel/clothing

  • Company vehicles are provided based on the roles needed and availability

  • Company Events

Skills & Requirements: 

  • Strong leadership skills to supervise construction activities while promoting the company culture.  

  • Excellent customer service skills. 

  • Ability to hold the Sales Team accountable.

  • Address repairs and warranty issues promptly, coordinating with the Production Manager. 

  • Negotiation skills to obtain competitive pricing for materials and labor.  

  • Effective training on products, installation, and safety for staff and subcontractors. 

  • Regular reporting and communication with the owner regarding performance, quality, and improvement opportunities. 

  • Proficient office and clerical skills, with experience in personnel management, particularly in production management.  

  • Ability to understand and maintain quality standards within the organization.  

  • Knowledge of performance evaluation and budgeting concepts.  

  • Familiarity with common key performance indicators (KPIs).  

  • Proficiency in Google Suite and ERP software.  

  • Strong communication skills to effectively interact with various stakeholders.  

  • Attention to detail.  

  • Strong decision-making skills and a results-driven, mature approach to problem-solving.  

  • Professional and pleasant demeanor. Proactive monitoring and management of accounts receivable collections.


  • Two-year degree in a related field. BS/BA in construction/business management is preferred but not required for go-getters. **Experience in lieu of a formal degree is always considered.


  • Collaborate with other managers to formulate objectives, goals, and project requirements.  

  • Assist in determining estimated costs and preparing budgets.  

  • Serve as a primary point of contact for internal and external clients via phone, email, text, and ERP software.  

  • Organize and schedule appointments efficiently.  

  • Coordinate marketing and advertising efforts in collaboration with the marketing team.  

  • Conduct meetings with staff and input updates for potential and ongoing projects into the CRM system.

  • Track and maintain all vehicle/equipment maintenance records. 

  • Perform all Human Resources tasks, including employee onboarding and setup. 

  • Ensure all output meets quality standards. Report to the owner and fulfill any other duties as assigned. 

  • Coach the sales team on required documentation when alerted by the CRM or other managers. 

  • Manage and maintain all master/high-level contractual agreements, including the Rescission Clause and Scope of Work.  

  • Schedule and coordinate production activities. 

  • Develop and maintain responsibility for final file review and checklists.  

  • Continuously develop, review, and maintain systems to ensure profitability. 

  • Determine opportunities to create and improve SOPs.

  •  Reject job requests that do not meet requirements. 

  • Supervise and train other managers at the company. 

  • Set, revise, and update quotas, expectations, and goals monthly for the company with the management team and others. Submit quotas, expectations, and goals to Owner for approval. 

  • Provide accurate sales reports on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis to Owner.  

  • Determine new target locations based on weather events.  

  • Supervise the Sales Manager in recruiting, hiring, and training new sales staff.

WHY work with us?

At Roof Time, our success starts with prioritizing personal service and customer satisfaction. This is achieved by hiring exceptional employees that take great pleasure in providing clients with superior service through their expertise, skills, and a passion for helping others.

We commit to providing you with on-going support, career development, and challenging opportunities. Business ethics, values, safety, performance excellence, rewards, communication, and family, are of the utmost importance. All of our crew members hold themselves to rigorous standards while providing an exceptional experience for all customers.

If you are interested in starting or growing your career with Roof Time, please contact us today.

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